I've got a Romy m69 bolt-action .22 that's been sitting around for too long. Got other guns that are more enjoyable to shoot, so this little guy never gets any action. This is a tough, accurate .22 that does an excellent job as a first rifle for a new shooter, or as a beater for ranch/farm work.

Stock is in good condition, just a little rough, with some stains. No rust that I can see, just normal finish wear. These guns are pretty much indestructible, and with the flip-up rear sights and hooded front sight, can be very accurate.

Asking $90 cash, $100 trade value. Trades considered: .22 pistols, Mossberg pump-action 12 gauge, Ruger 10/22s, of course there would be cash on my end in any of those deals. FTF in either Salem or Portland areas.


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