Rohrbaugh and appendix carry: Meco holster

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    Well, I finally found a good IWB holster for my Rohrbaugh. Thanks to a fellow board member on the Seecamp forum I am now the owner of a Meco IWB holster. It is a very nicely made piece of leather.

    Now that I have it I was able to carry my Rohrbaugh IWB for the first time ever. I was amazed at how easily the Rohrbaugh concealed. It disappears under just a t-shirt. I thought my Kahr PM40 was easy to cover...this thing is on a whole other level.

    The only issue is I had to carry it in the 2:00 position for it to disappear completely. That turned out to be an issue for me (which I will cover in THIS THREAD since it is irrelevant to the actual topic here) but I doubt many others would have the same issue and would have no trouble carrying this gun.

    It really is amazing how easily it carries under such light clothing. If you want the smallest and easiest to carry gun around, without having to drop below the 9mm platform, I would say this gun might just be worth the money to you. I know it is to me. :)


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    With Superman watching over your shoulder why worry about CC!

    Nice carry rig!

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