Rock River Arms LAR-15 Predator Pursuit - $1100

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    Rock River Arms LAR-15 Predator Pursuit Rifle. I’m posting on behalf of seller. Seller is second owner. I am close friends with both first and second owner and vouch for the fact that this rifle has less than 200 rounds through it.

    Barrel was originally 20” Stainless. It was shortened to 18”, threaded and Duracoated black. Work done by gunsmith at Brightwater Venture in Vancouver.

    Other modifications include “BAD Lever” bolt release, extended charging handle latch and ProMag front flip sight.

    Vortex Crossfire 3-9 x40 included.

    Comes with 3 steel mags.

    Asking $1100. No Trades.

    Contact (Call or Text) Bob at 503-805-0021. Located in Vancouver, WA.

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