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    Currently in Bellingham. Selling Robinson XCR for $1350 OBO, only partial trades I would consider are either a Taurus 709 (stainless slide) or Glock 19. I've fired less than 500 rounds, flawless. This is the earlier model. The Robinson XCR uses the gas piston system and accepts any AR-15 magazine. This rifle is perfect for those who have an AR-15 and want a "back-up rifle" for your spouse or survival team member since it is very low maintenance and uses same mags when SHTF. Buyer must show valid WADL or ID.

    - 2x 30rd TangoDown ARC mags (black)
    - 1x 30rd PMag (dark earth)
    - Front & Rear MagPul BackUp Sights (black)
    - MagPul MOE grip (black)
    - Ambidexterous Folding Vertical Fore Grip (black)
    - Tactical BullDog soft case (black)
    - One Point Sling (black)
    - 3x ladder rail protectors (black)
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