RNT Original Duck Call and scrap 10K Gold Ring

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    Ring is a custom 10K gold masonic ring I purchased from a jeweler in San Antonio but no longer wear. I've taken out the stone and what's left is 9.7 grams of 10K gold. I've taken it to the local buy and sell shop, they tested it to make sure it was gold, but I'm certainly not interested in selling it to them @ 40% of it's melt value...especially when I can sell it online for up to 94%. Anyways, today's melt value was $208.44. Looking to trade it towards any item listed below or towards firearms, plus cash on my end as necessary. I'm definitely not one of those guys that looks to make back face value on used items (like firearms) and this ring isn't an exception...I'm very negotiable on the trade value. I can also throw in some 1 troy ounce silver bars if that interests you as well.

    Duck call is in great condition, bought used off different forum but I've never personally taken it out.Looking for $90 shipped, but I'd rather go another route and try and trade this out for something I could use.

    Don't need any calls, but could use a quality e-collar, Garmin Rino GPS, giftcards (sporting goods stores, amazon, gundogsupply.com...almost anywhere I can use), youth waders, adult gear (clothing or things like a blind bag), dummy launcher, MREs, ammo...you get the idea. Let me know what you're looking to get rid of, I can throw in cash for any of these items as needed. Let's make a deal.



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