Rings, dies, bullets, and brass

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    I have some stuff I don't need right now and probably won't in the near future, so I'm offering some good deals to clean out my surplus. Everything is in excellent condition.

    Warne 1" low rings, Weaver style, 2 sets - $25 each shipped
    These will accomodate a 40mm objective on most rifles

    Warne 1" med rings, Weaver style, 1 set - $25 shipped
    These will accomodate up to a 50mm objective on many rifles

    .223 Rem RCBS dies, FL, neck and seater $35 shipped
    These dies load ammo with minimal runout as measured on concentricity tool

    Nosler .22-250 Rem brass, 50 count, reloaded 3 times, includes MTM case - $25 shipped

    Winchester .270 Win brass, 40 count, once fired, includes MTM case - $20 shipped

    Lake City .223 Rem brass, 100 count, twice fired, includes Berry cases - $20 shipped

    Nosler .224 caliber 60 gr Partition bullets, 24 count - $5 included with other item

    Sierra .277 GameKing 130 gr, 47 count - $12 included with other item

    Federal .22LR, 525 count, unopened box - $15 included with other item

    A few of these items I can't afford to sell and ship at a low price, so give me a combo offer. Buy several items and prices will be adjusted according to shipping prices. I live in Salem, OR area, so FTF would be even better.

    I'm more interested in moving the items and giving someone a good deal over anything else.
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    you should consider splitting your add up and putting the items in the proper sections. you have the rings in the right spot but the reloading supplies should be under the ammo and reloading section. just a thought not trying to be a pooper but it is the rules.

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