WTS OR rigid tri-stack compressor and 4 nailguns

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    bought these a couple years ago for a couple projects i had, i no longer use them that much
    and i need cash more at the moment. they are all in almost brand new condition and still
    have the manuals and all that for all of them. the nail guns all have their cases still.

    i put the the price i paid for them each at home depot next to them so you can compare that
    to my asking price

    my asking price is 450$ for all of it

    rigid tri-stack 5gallon suppressor (269$)
    rigid 3-1/2" round head framing gun (199$)
    rigid 2-1/8" brad nailer (89.98)
    rigid 2-1/2" angled finish nailer (169$)
    rigid 1-1/2" finish stapler (99$)

    amflo 1/4"x100' polyurathane air hose (31.98$)
    another 50' air hose (forgot the brand) (15$)

    lots of nails and staples for all of them.

    ftf in aloha (201st/baseline)

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