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Shirts don't kill people...
Funny sarcasm but you do convey a point.
By attempting to ban the wearing of the shirt this is in effect 'blaming' the shirt.
Some libs might disagree by using some other reason such as it 'promotes' guns in general but that would still be a left-handed way of blaming the shirt.
Seem reasonable or am I still mentally weak from the blood loss?
Once this young man has his legal ducks all in a row, he needs to big big time lawyer up and sue the bow wow fecal material out of the school board. Make big waves. Tsunamis. Keep after them legally.

This might be the way to get the attention of stupid elected folks and hold them accountable.
Can't wear a shirt that says, "guns don't kill people", but 13 yr old girls can wear shirts that say "Do Me". Things are really F'd up in these times.

Another great irony here? When kids get home from school, shootings, murders, mass killings, any thing and every thing bad people do with guns are all plastered in the media constantly!

I say school uniforms should be implemented! A couple of basic colors for shirts/pants/skirts. NO LOGOS/graphics on shirts or pants. Make school for learning again.
If we are going to ban clothes...can we Please ban those God Awful baggy jeans that hang down so Damn low as to be a bra for azz cheeks...?....:eek::D

Rather than banning them Andrew, wouldn't it be better as a show of solidarity with your sartorially challenged students, for the teaching staff to adopt these gravitationally enhanced trousers? That way everyone's a winner and nobodies little feelers get bruised. It's a win win, as they say.

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