Rifle Dynamics Red Oktober Kalashnikov

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    Rifle Dynamics Red Oktober Kalashnikov


    October 29-30, 2016

    Few, if any firearms have influenced the course of history more than the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles. Easily manufactured, tough as nails, simple enough for any conscript soldier or freedom fighter to operate, the AK is the most popular combat rifle in the world.
    Unfortunately, the American AK is left behind when it comes to fun competitive shooting matches, in modern 3-Gun and Carbine matches it is simply outpaced by high-speed and highly modified AR-style rifles.

    We at the ROK still love our ARs, 3-Gun matches and high-speed shooting. But, there is a soft spot in our heart for the Kalashnikov rifle and we find it sad that there’s no good competitive outlet for the AK in American shooting sports.

    In the ROK, we have built a match that is challenging and exciting, all while shooting with a standard, inexpensive factory AK and surplus ammo. Stages in the match will celebrate the long and storied history of the “Kalash”.

    If you love the AK, you don't want to miss this match! Vendors are excited to support the competition, and there will be all kinds of media on hand to record the action.

    The match is held in St George, UT at the SUPS range. We have hosted and designed many huge events, including Hard as Hell multigun, 3 gun nation western regionals, USPSA nationals, and more! Only a two hour drive from Las Vegas.

    Registration is now open!

    Learn more about the ROK match here

    Visit our Facebook page
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