RIA Tactical .45acp, used very lightly in original box w/papers, eastside Seattle

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    SOLD Nearly new RIA Tactical .45acp. This is the non-railed tactical, I see a railed version sometimes. Has upgraded grips, Novak-style sights, ambi TS, lightened trigger, Commander hammer, and palm-swell beavertail vs. the standard RIA model. It is about 18 months old and has had less than 100 light target LSWC rounds fired, all functioned fine. It has all docs/box that came with it originally, manual, box, papers, hang tag, etc.

    I cannot find the original magazine it came with, so I have included instead of the original single magazine, two 7rd blue blued steel magazines. they are marked "Colt .45 Auto" however I do not think they are Colt OEM. I have had them 20 years and rarely used them, they work fine and feed, lock back and drop free cleanly. I know they are not the cheaper new Chinese copies that flood the web and guns shows since I recall when I bought them in Florida in late 1993. Dad shot the gun a few times and enjoyed it, but recently I found him a slightly fancier one that tickled him more.

    It has some light handling marks in the Parkerizing on close inspection, very minor wear marks on high points on front sight and muzzle typical of Parkerizing, take down mark, etc. That's about it. No, one more thing. I thought the wood grips had lovely grain and good shape, but not finished very well. I have rubbed some slow-dried tung oil coats into them and they look better and will last much longer now. Ok, that's it.

    No real trade interests right now. Sale must conform to Federal and state law: a) You are over 18, b) you are not a felon, and c) you are a WA resident. If so, we are good to go. $475


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