Review: V Seven Ultra-Light AR-15 TD/PIVOT Pin Set

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    Review: V Seven Ultra-Light AR-15 TD/PIVOT Pin Set

    "The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail."
    ~ Charles R. Swindoll


    I know that right now, some of you are saying to yourselves, "Okay, they're AR take-down/pivot pins... Okay, so what?" Well then, I have to tell you just how great these AR take-down/pivot pins are. The best place to start is that these pins only weigh 5 grams. That is 64% less weight than the standard mil spec steel pins. They do feel like feathers in the hand.


    This set is my second pair of these pins. They are strong. My first set of V Seven Ultra Light pins have far less wear and markings on them than my set of steel mil spec pins I have on another rifle with equal usage. The anodization wear of the steel pins has worn off by 15 to 20 percent, while the anodization on the V Seven pins is still 98 percent intact. The only wear found on the V Seven pin set is on the part of the pin that protrudes out past the lower receiver, next to the safety that has been rubbed over and over with my gloved thumb. The type III anodization is still matte black like they were still new.


    Both pins have a dimple tipped design to help keep your tool or bullet tip aligned with the pin, and help it from slipping and marring your lower receiver.
    With the newest Gen 2 version of V Seven's ultra light take-down/pivot pins, V Seven took the time to drill a small hole through the longer pivot pin as an installation aid. It works by lining up the hole in the pivot pin with the detent and spring hole in the lower receiver.


    Insert the spring, followed by the detent pin, using your smallest diameter steel punch, you compress the spring and detent pin fully past the hole in the pivot pin, and then carefully twist the pivot pin to lock the spring and detent pin from ejecting. With the detent pin and spring locked under the pivot pin, you now just line up the detent pin to the machined out groove of the pivot pin, and when you hear the click, you know the detent is locked into the pivot pin groove and you are done. No more detent pins and springs flying across the room anymore. Wheeler makes a $15.00 tool for doing this type of pivot pin install.

    V Seven is the only manufacturer I have seen that has a built in this type of detent and spring installation tool built into their product. Buying the V Seven take-down/pivot pin set could actually save you money. Mil spec steel pins cost anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00 a set. Replacing detent pins and springs are about a buck each, maybe two with shipping and handling. This alone is a great reason to try out a set of V Seven ultra light take-down/pivot pins with your next build. Like all V Seven parts, these pins come with a complete lifetime warranty and are guaranteed against corrosion . For the builders who like Titanium, these pins are also available in Raw Titanium and Black Ion Bond for the AR-15 platform and the 308. These pins are really the best bang for you buck when it comes to upgrading and lightening any AR platform rifle.


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