Review ONLINE Vender: Mark's Armory

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    Review ONLINE Vendor: Mark's Armory

    The Good:

    1. Prices
    2. Turnaround

    • Placed order online after business hours (Copy of FFL's License emailed w/order# attached), selected priority mail for shipment
    • Received email the next morning (7:50) that my item had been shipped.
    The less good:

    1. While order had specified USPS Priority mail (and was so stated on invoice), Order was shipped USPS ground
    The Bad:

    1. Customer Service (Your problem not mine attitude)

    • I called Mark's Armory and explained what had happened to the young lady that answered the phone. She looked at the order, she looked at the shipping information, agreed that every thing I had explained was in fact true, the asked me in a very professional voice, "So what is your problem?"
    • I explained (again) that I had ordered USPS Priority Mail, this time adding that it was 3 days vs. 7=9 business days UPS Ground
    • She (ignoring my issue) sweetly added that UPS Ground cost more and I had not been charged extra.
    • After 2 or 3 more rounds trying to get her to understand why I had an issue, I was told that the post office didn't allow a gun to be shipped. This was followed by question of why it was an option on order page if it wasn't an option, followed by her comment "it's the software"
    Research and Refection:

    1. They offer good product at a very reasonable price.
    2. If they have product in stock, they ship quickly. (several items in their catalog were identified as out of stock/back order items)
    3. The person who answered the phone was poorly trained in customer service, has a bad attitude and shouldn't be in that job, or I got lucky on the first 2 points and this business should be avoided at all costs...
    4. While all 3 of the possibilities in #3 are Mark's responsibility (training, he hired her, business philosophy), I really hope that the problem is only training.
    5. On to research. I did a quick search of the USPS site and found the following regulations:
    12.1.5 Manufacturers and Dealers

    Handguns may also be mailed between licensed manufacturers of firearms and licensed dealers of firearms in customary trade shipments, or for repairing or replacing parts.
    12.1.6 Certificate of Manufacturers and Dealers

    A licensed manufacturer or dealer need not file the affidavit under 12.1.4, but must file with the postmaster a statement on Form 1508 signed by the mailer that he or she is a licensed manufacturer or dealer of firearms, that the parcels containing handguns (or major component parts thereof) are customary trade shipments or contain such articles for repairing or replacing parts, and that to the best of his or her knowledge or belief the addressees are licensed manufacturers or dealers of firearms.
    I did not call the young lady back, but will not order from Mark's Armory again without talking to Mark on the phone.
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    I purchased a CMMG Sierra .22 upper from Mark's Armory, along with a couple magazines. The total shipped price on the items I purchased was the best I'd found during months of shopping. I ordered over the phone, probably spoke to the same gal you spoke to, and she processed my order quite nicely. My items were delivered in a timely fashion, packaged well, and I was very happy with my transaction.
    I'd buy from 'em again in a heartbeat.
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    I have bought two rifles from them in 2010 courteous fast and friendly as well as the lowest price

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