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    Defensive Firearms Instruction - Review of County Holster and Leather, LLC

    I usually don’t do reviews however I feel that this company needs some much deserved attention. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the owner of County Holsters and Leather. John was very pleasant to speak with and made an amazing first impression. He builds custom holsters and belts among other things. I had him do 2 custom holsters for our company rental Glocks and the craftsmanship was leaps and bounds above expectations. The first holster I had him build was an OWB (On the Waist Band) holster for a Glock 26 that would cross fit with a full size Glock 17. He was able to make a low profile holster that slid easily on the belt and allowed for a really smooth draw. As an added bonus he imprinted my company’s initials on the holster for an additional custom look. The holster itself was made of the perfect density leather material which was a little more rigid than a standard holster which will extend the life during increased use. I have since then had numerous students use it for both Tactical handgun courses as well as Live Fire Concealed Handgun courses. Reviews from the students who have used the holster john created have been nothing but positive. The second holster is an Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB) again made to fit compact, mid, and full size Glock handguns. We sat down and I was able to explain exactly what I wanted and why. I wanted a holster that had additional material added to offset printing and distribute the weight of the firearm a little better than traditional holsters. The idea was to add comfort and conceal-ability for applications where I would be carrying for extended periods of time. I had also asked that the holster have two detachable button tabs where I could remove the holster or put it on without having to take the belt of. It came together perfectly and is an absolute dream to carry. We decided that the Leather should a little thinner than the first holster and this aided in concealment and after the first 3 days of use broke in very well. John also crafted me up a really good belt that matched the holsters. I have always been a big fan of quality belts especially when I am carrying concealed. A good belt is the foundation for a good holster. This particular belt was very well made and had a nice dark finish. It holds it shape and I have been wearing it nonstop since I received it. The buckle is very robust and enforced in all the ways it needs to be. I have no doubts that I will get 10-15 years of life out of this quality product. Having said all of this, I have been a Firearms Instructor for Over 11 years. I have tried out many products over the years that are direct to consumer. Some worked and some didn’t. I personally endorse John and his company County Holsters and Leather and would recommend his services to anyone needing or wanting quality gear that will stand the test of time and service. John is a stand-up guy and does what he says he will do. With quality work and customer service as his main priority you can’t go wrong with County Holsters and Leather. For More information or to contact john you can get to his website at or you can contact him directly at 503-501-6067
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