Review: DSG Arms Alpha holster, 1911 w/light.

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    Quick review on this holster, for those of you on the fence or struggling to find a solid holster for your 1911 with light attached. DSG Arms Alpha series, for a 5" 1911 with light attached.
    I read other positive online reviews before this purchase and I can say they were accurate- this is a great holster. I ordered it online (DSG Arms) on 4/8/13. Website was easy to navigate and once I selected my exact model, the website said it was "in-stock, ready to ship". This was a shock to me, since almost every holster manufacturer seems to have a 8-12 week delay/back order. I can't swear to when this was delivered since I was out of state, but it was within a week. Cost plus shipping was under $100.
    Upon opening and inspecting, the kydex was very nice. Form fitted, no sharp edges, no thin sections. Belt loops appear strong, several options for adjustment. Also included are easy-to-follow instructions on converting this to an IWB holster. I can't imagine this would be very comfortable but it's nice to have the option.
    This holster was ordered for my Springfield LW Operator 1911, with a TLR-1 light. The gun slid right into the holster smoothly and clicked into place. Perfect fit! The retention is solid- I can hold the holster upside down and shake it without the gun falling out. A firm tug draws the firearm and holstering it is effortless. Since it is kydex, it is light weight but should be very sturdy over time. The design and trim of the holster is great- some kydex holsters I've seen seem to have a ton of extra material, but not this one. One of the best parts of this design is the deep cut-out near the trigger guard. It allows for a full grip on the firearm without banging your knuckles onto the top of the holster but still completely covers the trigger.
    Overall I'm very happy with this purchase. I had difficulty finding a holster for a 5" 1911 with a TLR-1 but DSG Arms did it right. Without hesitation I will be ordering additional holsters from them for other firearms.

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