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Buster Beaver Cerakote
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Built this a while ago and and it's everything I hoped it would be. But Days Are Long And Years Are Short and iron sights and me don't get along like we used to :(
The lower, adaptor and mags ARE NOT included and are just there because that is where they are right now.
What is included is:
Model1 ER Shaw 11.5" Commando barrel
Pined and welded Model1 5.5" flash hider, pined and welded for 16.5"
Handguards, don't remember where I got them.
A1 Grip
Spinta Precision ramped for normal hammer 9mm Nitride Glock/Colt BCG (please note the BGC is not cut for the FA)
Standard unmarked rifle buffer and spring, I tried several combinations and this is what worked the best
Now the good stuff :)
A very well loved Colt A2 upper, not sure if it's from a 6420 or 6250 or . . . ?
An early no trap door A1 buttstock. I tried to figure out the vintage and exact type but from what I can tell there was a lot of overlap in parts usage so identifying it is beyond me
It runs great with my handloads and the limited factory ammo I have put through it, I had it out yesterday to see if shooting it might change my mind, and as fun as it was to shoot, shooting that 10 round group at +/- 25 yards was frustrating, the shaky rest off my tripod didn't help any

Asking $550.00 NOW $500.00 cash money, not real interested in trades, about all I can think of right now would be a CMMG 9mm RDBB bolt and barrel combo, 8" preferred, 5" would be ok, and yes, for everyone getting ready to freak out, I am aware of the issues with configurations and I have a very lonely stripped lower that has never been out of the wrap waiting for the mag block should that time come.

9mm AR Upper (1).JPG 9mm AR Upper (2).JPG 9mm AR Upper (3).JPG 9mm AR Upper (4).JPG 9mm AR Upper (5).JPG 9mm AR Upper (6).JPG 9mm AR Upper (7).JPG 9mm AR Upper (8).JPG 9mm AR Upper (9).JPG 9mm AR Upper (10).JPG 9mm AR Upper (11).JPG
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Feedback: 64 / 0 / 0
I dug up this 30mm carry handle scope mount I'll include. I found it in one of those boxes at gun stores with all the random stuff, I think its a NcStar, but I don't know for sure. I was going use it for a flashlight mount because I'm weird that way :cool:
9mm AR Upper30mmMount (1).JPG 9mm AR Upper30mmMount (2).JPG 9mm AR Upper30mmMount (3).JPG
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