Retread of the NDC at Centrailia

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    I posted this before,but got some new info on it.Not everything but enough to tick me off about Wes K (I'm sure y'all know who this is)
    So The 'security' ,who apparently doesn't know how to clear a Savage lever gun,let a 308 in with a round 'somewhere'. This is what is not clear. Did he not work the action enough to make sure it was unloaded?
    (usually 3 time is a charm?)
    Did he not look in the chamber to make sure the extractor didn't pull the last one out?

    What is clear is when the gun was tied off......BEFORE DAN GOT HOLD OF IT.... the zip tie was taking up all the slack in the trigger,so when he tried to SIMPLY CUT THE ZIP TIE,the gun went off.
    So the LEO are putting this on Dan and not on the SOB security that didn't properly clear the weapon and THE GUN SHOW HOST.
    Yeah yeah 'If WK gets in trouble then we lose a gun show'
    So Dan is supposed to give up his money and personal freedom because of the mistake of the gun show.

    He is out around $3k right now because of the security guard and the gun show not taking responsibility for the actions of it's employee.Hopefully his lawyer can put the blame where it belongs.
    I call this cowardly and a BS corporate move.

    Now go back to the "i don't want to get WK in trouble cause we'll lose a show' Or the 'If we put it on the gun show host it will cause legislation,blah blah blah'
    Again BS. This should have been handled by WK. He makes plenty there and should have manned up and taken care of it.
    He didn't ever fire the idiot at the door! The guy could have,and well may still,get someone killed through his negligence and complacency in clearing weapons at these shows.
    He is a liability to the shows,AND OUR FREEDOMS, more so than the poor guy who wants to look at a gun he didn't clear.

    So I will not be attending his shows until he makes this right. Now y'all can say 'haha ,more gun deals for us!'
    But do you think WK wouldn't do this to you also? What if the guy behind you didn't clear his weapon and DS ,at the door didn't either?
    Do you take your family to the shows? Can your family survive OK without you?
    Hell of a deal to see your kid shot with a 308 I would assume
    Next time DS does this,and he will,and someone else cuts a tie and sets off a weapon,we won't have the show anyway.

    Dan did nothing but cut a zip tie on a gun that was supposed to be cleared by a competent person BEFORE it was zip tied.There was no way to clear the gun but to cut the tie.
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    Wow MJ, sounds like a bad deal all around.
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    OK I guess I missed something. From what I get

    Someone ??? brought a loaded Savage lever Action to the gun show
    The security guard at the check in table did not make sure the chamber was empty
    This guy Dan for some reason cut the zip tie off the gun and it discharged

    Have I got that part right?

    If so I have some questions

    WHO brought the loaded firearm to the Security Guard at the Check in Table?

    WHY would this guy Dan attempt to remove the zip tie in the show?

    If the trigger was pulled back with the zip tie over it then the action of cutting the tie pulled on the zip tie and the trigger causing the discharge.

    This means that from the time the firearm left the check in table it was cocked with a round in the chamber and the trigger was being pulled.

    How is this not the Security guards fault mistake screw up FUBAR.

    UNLESS this person DAN is the one that presented the firearm to the Security Guard at the Check in table.
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    You have everything right (hooray for me I finally 'splaned something good!)
    The gun came to Dan an hour after the show had opened. It had been on someone's table for that long.

    I would guess he was attempting to check the action and maybe inspect the barrel?
    Then you retie the action.
    His mistake was to not point the gun up.Otherwise he is pretty darn safe from what I have observed.(did centrailia with him one weekend)

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