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Retail store in PDX area with reloading stuff?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by RVNvet, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. RVNvet

    RVNvet Beaverton Member

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    Where's the best place to go for reloading supplies/equipment/components in the Portland area? I find bits and pieces at BiMart, but hardly a good selection. I'm particularly interested in powders and primers, since I will be reloading small amounts of ammo, and the HazMat shipping fees from online sources are unacceptable.


  2. Visceral

    Visceral Portland, OR Member

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    There arent many. If you've been to Bi-Mart, you already know what they have. Joe's is gone now, but they never had much of a selection. Some of the gun shop recently have had reloading things they can get their hands on. I bought some primers about a year ago from Northwest Armory.
    Wholesale Sports has quite a selection *when they have stock of anything*. I do use them for little RCBS parts though... they have most of the little bits and pieces (like the expander I need to replace). I caught them with Hodgdon Benchmark in stock a couple weeks ago.
  3. Throckmorton

    Throckmorton Florence,Ore ah gone Well-Known Member

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    These days it's all hit and miss at most any store,so if you find what you need,stock up a bit.
    the old Sportsman's used to have tons of stuff,but no more,Not until things ease up a bit.I did seem more powder at the vancouver store the other day than in months past.
  4. westernsky20

    westernsky20 Portland, OR Member

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    fishermans marine has some reloading stuff to.
  5. timbernet

    timbernet Boring, Oregon Member

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    Fishermans, Bi-Mart, and Wholesale Sports (Formally Sportsmans Warehouse) seems to be the only local places that get reloading supplies right now....

    But in the current market you are not going to see a lot of primers, etc on the shelf... even online it is difficult to find primers, etc.

    Things are starting to turn around... I have seen more primers at the three stores listed above in the past month than I have in the past 8 months.