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It looks pretty sharp! However, to be blunt, it's not currently the sharpest tool in the shed. It still needs an edge. I'm liking the stippling job though, it really adds some grip.

IMG_20210911_142622906_HDR.jpg IMG_20210911_142512455.jpg


My buddy found this while metal detecting. This is his verbiage on it.

"While metal detecting an old ghost town that was active around the 1860-1890s, we got a large iron hit that was very deep. Usually, we pass up these targets, but it was slow day so we dug it. Turned out it was this hearty axe head.
There are some markings on it, but they are too far gone to identify. I can clearly see "Cast Steel" and the numerics "78". The rest is a mystery. I assume the "78" implies 1878, when it was possibly struck. And it has had some serious use, given the flaring on the poll.
I thought I'd give it a new life being an axe admirer myself lol. I sent it off to Brant & Cochran of South Portland Maine to be rehafted and sharpened. They put a razor sharp edge on her and mounted it on 32" piece of Maine ash. Came out perfect.
Now to put in my camp axe rotation. I love finding and giving these old tools life again. "



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