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Requesting Input on 5.7 upper(s)

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by SONALB, May 28, 2011.


    SONALB Albany,OR Member

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    Hello All,

    I am considering a 5.7 upper, I would appreciate input from experiences either positive or negative. Recommendations on quality, type, price range, etc.

    Thanks ahead
  2. spider

    spider Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    You can get them for about $500 used, its a cool rifle, I got sold into using the upper, then having a empty ar15 mag to catch all the brass that eject downwards but ammo prices are to expensive for something that feels like a .22 I got rid of mine because 5.7 ammo is never stocked at my local ammo shops and mags for that upper are expensive and really big and awkward to carry. In my opinion, stay away from that cartridge.
  3. Taurus 617 CCW

    Taurus 617 CCW Northern Idaho Member

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    Really the only limiting thing on that platform is the cartridge itself. The 5.7 is a great cartridge but is still not mainstream, and the price reflects it. We built a custom 5.7 AR-15 for a customer and it was a great gun. Very fast shooter! His only complaint was the price of ammo.
  4. NoAim

    NoAim Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    Ammo is about $385/1K right now.

    I also have the upper (an 11"). It works okay and is pretty fun. The optics rail is very short. Due to the way the mag enters on top, the optic itself needs to be short. Mag changes can be cumbersome.

    I feel it's a neat little range toy that I can shoot steel targets up close similar to a pistol.

    The FiveSeven pistol on the other hand, is an absolute blast. Everyone loves to shoot it.

    I say, if you have a FiveSeven pistol, you might look at a carbine to go with it. I already had the SBR lower so I decided to get the AR57. If I was doing it from scratch, I might look at the PS90 and SBR it.
  5. Rix

    Rix Tacoma Active Member

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    I've got the longer upper, with a 3-9x42 on it.
    The only downside that I see is the short rail as mentioned, and how it relates to mag changes.
    That's it.
    The 5.7 round is a little spendy, yes. But it's not horrendously expensive.
  6. 22many

    22many PNW Well-Known Member

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    I was going to build one of these for a spare lower I had laying around. Decided against it mainly because to the fps and the cost. I couldn't justify spending what the uppers were going for, the cost of ammo, and the lack of ammo availability for what is a slower bullet.

    SONALB Albany,OR Member

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    Lots of great responses, thanks guys. Keep'em comin'.
    I do have a Five Seven pistol, (actually two of them), and had someone mention I should look into an AR57.
    I agree, the ammo is spendy, but there are some bulk deals that come now and then that make it tolerable. I have spent more taking the family to a
    'Ballgame' with food and drinks (ouch), and had less fun in a shorter period of time than an afternoon plinking somewhere.:)