Request for help: Looking for state-by-state background check information

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    One of the things that has always bugged me about the gun-control lobbyists is their constant use of 'statistics' to scare the uneducated. We've all seen it: take a specific year/instance/category. Twist it this way and that to come out with an anti-gun number that sounds astonishing. And if only we had one more gun-control law, utopia would rain down on us all...

    Anyways... this has motivated me to crunch some of my own numbers. But I'm hitting a wall in getting an accurate history of state background check laws in the US. Specifically:

    1. Per year, what states have universal background checks?
    2. Per year, what states have background checks for all handgun transfers? (i.e. the state may mandate background checks for hand-guns, but not rifles).

    I can get a "today" 2014 account. But 5 years go? 10 years ago? What did it look like state-by-state back then?

    Anyone have a good source for that?
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