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    Here is a reply I recieved from CCI to my asking about the availability of primers:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your e-mail.
    Due to unprecedented demand for loaded ammunition from domestic consumers, law enforcement and international contracts, virtually all primers being manufactured by Federal & CCI are being used not only for our loaded ammunition, but other ammo companies as well.
    U.S. made ammo is highly sought after due to quality, function and reliability compared to our international competitors.
    Even more relevant, there are many, many ammunition manufacturers which do not or cannot make their own primers or bullets. Those companies buy those components on an OEM basis so they can then load & sell their own ammunition, such as: Cor Bon, Black Hills, Ultra Max, etc, etc.,
    Until the loaded ammunition demand subsides there will remain a shortage of certain components: primers, bullets, powder.
    All I can say is keep checking with your local shops, Bimart, etc. and we hope that this incredible feeding on loaded ammunition subsides and components can then be attained.
    Thank you,
    Rob Huson
    J Harding Associates
    6363 SW Hergert Road
    Cornelius, OR 97113
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    Ya I keep getting reminder emails for the orders I have out that havent been filled yet..

    " your item could not be shipped this week. We are sorry and as soon as it can be processed we will have it out to you"

    The longest order i have out is up to 12 weeks for 10,000 primers and 24 lbs of powder.

    hope it gets here soon..

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