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    Watch repair is skilled labor, and a good servicing can take quite a bit of time. A watch may still be worth repairing even if the repair costs exceed the replacement costs if the watch has some sentimental value to you, such as your grandmother's watch. Many jewelers will claim they still repair watches, but actually send them to someone else, or have some guy who is past retirement who used to be good but now repairs only couple of watches a year, or worst of all, some new guy who doesn't know much of anything. There are some really good watch makers that are still work in jewelry stores, but chances are, you are either going to pay more for having a middle man or get really bad results. Of course, it is different if you know your jeweler well and know that they have a good watchmaker.
    Like any device, a mechanical watch needs regular maintenance to operate correctly. Adjustments to timing settings, lubrication etc. ensures that the watch is not only working but keeping accurate time. Cleaning the dirt that will invariably build up in tucked away areas of the watch can be a demanding task and many people choose to take their watch to a jeweler to have it cleaned for them. There are few things to be mindful of and you can choose to do it yourself. Also there are many unscrupulous shops that will attempt a job they have no experience doing, causing major problems for you and your valuable timepiece. For guaranteed work trust an expert watchmaker for expert watch repair.
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    First post is a link to ebay. Huh.

    Own any guns?
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    He is in Cali ---- are you kidding me !!!!

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