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Remove me as a member of this site!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spudsuckinmc, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. spudsuckinmc

    spudsuckinmc Hillsboro New Member

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    On Dec 24 PM'd Mr Link this message:

    "I'd like you to remove me as a member. I don't see myself using this site in the future. The message board is too frustrating with the unnecessary comments and I've allowed myself to be brought down to the same level at times which is unacceptable.

    Good luck with this."

    And by 3pm that same day I received this response:

    "I'm sorry you feel that way man. I'd tell you to give it another chance and not let that one thing ruin everything this board has to offer for you, but it sounds like your mind is already made up. If anything, I'd stick around for just the classified section

    Standard procedure with account deletion requests is to give the person 24 hours to change their mind. So, your account will be deleted tomorrow at 3pm, unless you decide against it.

    Merry Christmas"

    As of yesterday (Dec 30) I have not been deleted as a member. I once AGAIN sent Mr Link a PM:

    "Please remove my profile."

    Now that it's been 24 hrs since my last request I am now forced to "break the rules" in order to be kicked off the board.

    Stay tuned.
  2. wakejoe

    wakejoe Beaverton, OR Well-Known Member

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    I can't help but wonder; Why?

    If it's so bad, why not just stop visiting the URL? Seems easier to me. :)

    Not getting any good attention by acting this way. Certainly worse than having an account here, that's for sure. :thumbup:
  3. BUZO71

    BUZO71 Emerald Valley, Oregon New Member

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    +1.... with seven posts, I doubt anyone will miss you... just stop hitting the bookmark:huh::huh::huh::huh:
  4. A2theK

    A2theK Olympia Member

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    It's the Internet - get over it

    Oh know...

    CrazyP90 on NWF said something about me - I'm going to eat my shotgun now

    Now if you were getting spam that would be another issue - but it's not.

    Try turning your computer off.... That'll fix it.
  5. Doc In UPlace

    Doc In UPlace Tacoma-ish Well-Known Member

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    Tools> Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete All > Close.

  6. JumpWing

    JumpWing NK WA Member

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    Your proposed "solution" contradicts your supposed desire for civilized behavior. If you're that easy to "force" into doing things, you might consider that other people aren't the problem.
  7. ZeroRing

    ZeroRing 26th District, WA Active Member

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    Ditto that.

    I certainly hope this person doesn't have any firearms because it sounds like they are very quick on the trigger when they are "upset" about something. :confused:
  8. wichaka

    wichaka Wa State Well-Known Member

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    If want to be gone, so be it.........

    C ya *****POOF*****
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