remington small rifle primers 6 1/2

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by akmewon, Jan 9, 2014.

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    I have 2000 remington srp 6 1/2 bought new within the last two months....I want cci small rifle or winchester 7 1/2.or cci small pistol price 35 per or both for 65
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    FYI, you can use those Rem 6 1/2s for small pistol primers. Just beware that some pistols may have a harder time to set them off. Mostly, I suspect that it'll be with firearms that have had their trigger "lightened."

    I use them all the time to "subsitute" for sm pistol primers. They work well with my Sig 226 in 9mm loads and .38S loads in my SAA.

    Try might like it.

    Aloha, Mark

    PS.....if you would still rather trade them off. I have 2000 CCI sm rilfe primers (older green boxes, #400) that I'd trade for your primers. Only catch'll have to travel to East Vancouver and meet me.

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