REMINGTON SEMI AUTO 30.06. 742 Woodsmaster carbine

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by dealmaker, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. dealmaker

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    hello folks. got a semi auto 30.06 made by Remington up on the chopping block. 742 woods-master. mostly looking to trade. the trades I'm looking for are a little specific though. I'm trying to find a Moss-berg 500 cruiser tactical style pump shotgun with a pistol grip. doesn't need to be super fancy. just nice and not all wore out. other trades i would be interested in would be a nice handgun. a ruger in 9 or 40 or something like that. maybe an old Glock or older style Springfield xd. 38 special snubbies by Smith and Wesson or ruger are always nice. last thing il mention trade for would be a norinco sks. would like one of those. if i didn't mention it, i probably don't want it. no Taurus, kel tec, or hi points, so in other words NO JUNK offers.if sold for cash i want 350$ . thanks guys, sorry for being so picky. scope not included. comes with 4, four round mags. same ones in the pic.
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    is this still for sale?

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