Remington R-15 VTR free floting fluted barrel AR15 w Nikon scope Magpul & RRA extras

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    Hello, up for sale is a nearly brand spankin new (only been shot on two outings) Remington R-15 VTR Advantage Max-1 Predator AR15 rifle in .223/5.56 w/ a free floating fluted barrel sporting a Magpul MOE-K pistol grip, Rock River Arms 5 point collapsible stock, Magpul single point sling mount system, 1/2 inch picatinny mini risers, and a Nikon Coyote Special 4.5-14x40 Riflescope. The scope is pretty sweet, the front lens has a honey comb like sun sheild, there are three reticles: the first is 100 yards at zero in between the first and second is 200 yards the second reticle is 300 yards and the third is 400 yards. The scope alone not including the rings and risers is over $400. I bought this rifle to be used in a bug out scenario and its perfect for it, look at the pictures to see how it blends in with my pack. I still have the original butt stock + grip and they will go with the gun so if the buyer ever wants to put them back on he can. This rifle will accept any AR15 magazine.


    I mostly want the cash but some trades or partial trades I may be interested in: Mint cond. high end AK 47s, Ak 47 parts & accessories including magazines, tactical gear, current issue military body armor, USMC current issue gear, new Berkey water filtration system, buildable land (WA State), substitute down payment for owner financed buildable land (WA State), a mint cond. gen 3 or 4 glock 9mm compact, a great running 4x4 truck Toyota, Chevy, Nissan etc. And anything else you think I might be interested in.

    This same rifle and scope is on Armslist right now selling for 2600 with stock furniture, one on Gunbroker sold yesterday for 1800 I cant remember if it was scoped or not, before all the assault rifle ban nonsense surfaced this gun sold for 1300 w/o optics. I've got about 2000 or more invested into it so that's what I'll try and get out of it, $2000 obo I think thats a fair price. Nothing else in the pictures is included or for sale, only the rifle. Thanks for looking have a great day!
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