Remington Model 1917 30-06 Rifle

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    Make/Model. Remington Model 1917 30-06 Rifle
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    This a genuine US GI Remington Model 1917 30-06 Rifle commonly referred as a '1917 Enfield' although its a true US Rifle not a british enfield. This unit is in original military configuration - it is not sporterized and it has no import marks. A great collector she has a lot of Remington parts and is close (but not 100 %) to being 'correct' - Remington Front and rear sights, 7/18 Remington Barrel, Remington Stock, Eddystone Bolt. The barrel, finish, and stock are consistent with being original. Although it shows strong rifling, the bore is dark and has some pitting consistent with having shot blanks or corrosive ammo. Sorry I dont have gauges but i will say it was sold as a CMP Service Grade and it passes the bullet test. If you are a shooter and want a new barrel for a match shooter I can sell you a brand new 1917 Criterion barrel. Metal Finish is ~90% on the receiver exterior with no external rust or pitting, the end of the barrel and some of the other parts that had more wear are about 80% on the finish. The 'OGEK' cartouched stock shows the usual dings, scratches, and wear of a 95 year old surplus firearm. There are no apparent cracks or repairs on the stock.

    Local face to face sales only to Oregon residents or FFL holders who can legally own firearms. Prior to closing the sale I will ask to see identification in the form of a state ID (ODL) or CHL or FFL. This model is 03FFL CnR eligible if you have one. We will do a private party bill of sale. Payment in cash, Sorry I’m not looking for trades on this item. This item is sold As Is. As with any used firearm, it’s recommended that a competent gunsmith inspect it before firing. Thank you.

    Send PM if interested or if you have questions.

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