WTS OR Remington HiSpeed Kleenbore .22 Shotshells, One Brick NOS

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    Remington HiSpeed Kleenbore Shotshells, One Brick NOS. This is from the 1950's-1960's? Anyway it is like new in the brick (250 rounds). This stuff was always expensive when I was a kid and not as common as the other .22 caliber loadings. Some "shelf wear" to outside box, mint inside.

    This brick has good value just for the packaging. With single empty boxes around $10-$15 each. And full boxes at $25-$40 each. What's the chance of finding a full brick???? Thats 10 boxes of 50 rounds each! It is a rarity and for the advance cartridge collector.

    $100.00 firm. Local pickup only.

    Ammo2 003.JPG

    Ammo2 004.JPG

    Ammo2 005.JPG

    Ammo2 006.JPG

    Ammo2 007.JPG

    Ammo2 008.JPG
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