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Had a Remington 870 Tactical Express and decided to do some upgrades. Thought I’d share with y’all.

  • Scattergun Technologies Oversize Safety
  • Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor
  • Magpul SGA Stock and M-LOK Fore-end
  • Mesa Tactical Side-saddle
  • PTG Stainless Steel Magazine Follower
  • Carlson's Flush Mounted Choke

Before: Length 40 5/8” Weight 7.1lbs (empty)

After: Length 37 1/2“ Weight 7.6 lbs (empty)

Took a couple of hours to do all the mods and clean thoroughly. Results overall are pretty good visually. After a trip to the range, functional improvements are apparent as well. Less felt recoil, easier handling due to the shorter length and a more comfortable grip angle, and I like having the 6 shots to reload right there. This is my first side-saddle so still working to smooth my movements reloading from the carrier.

Far and away tho, the best mod was the edge extractor. Huge improvement over the stock extractor which worked fine. Now the spent shells come out with a vengeance.

Some pics of the unmolested 870, all the parts, completely disassembled, and the finished product.

View attachment 1028940 View attachment 1028941 View attachment 1028942 View attachment 1028943
Never had a problem with the standard safety( don't use it, no problem)
With a clean chamber, never had extraction problems
Factory stock and fore end work fine
I find side saddle shell holders cumbersome, I gots pockets
Never had mag followers not work in a clean gun
Last I checked factory chokes were flush too, carlson products are generally low quality imho.

BUT, your gun, your money, knock yourself out buddy.
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Southwest Firearms
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