Remington 870 Police Magnum w/Ghost Rings

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    I have a very nice, Remington 870 Police Magnum 12ga I'd like to possibly sell or trade. The finish is not perfect, but my guns are not safe queens, it's a gun that I shoot a lot. I take care of it well, and it performs perfect. The finish is by no means bad, but it has a few scuffs and scrapes, it is parkerized. Here is a list of what it has, I kept it simple, to keep it reliable.

    - Factory installed, Iron Sight Gun Works Ghost Ring sights, fully adjustable
    - Wilson +2 Parkerized mag tube extention
    - Wilson anti-tilt hi-viz follower
    - Wolf high power mag spring
    - Speedfeed IV-S stock
    - Speedfeed LE forend

    I'm not in a hurry to sell or trade this gun. I love it and it functions perfect. With the sights, standard Remington slugs are accurate to 100yds, easily. The reason I'm putting it out here is, Im kinda tired of "tactical" stuff. Below is a list of my trade interest, but feel free to offer whatever you want, worst ill say is no.

    - 12ga Shotguns, Mossberg, Remington, and Winchester
    - 10/22s, wood stock preferred
    - Marlin .45-70 guide gun
    - AK-47
    - Glock
    - S&W or Ruger .357 or .44
    - Winchester 70 or Remington 700 in .270, .30-06, .300, .338
    - Winchester .30-30
    - 870 Police w/o ghost rings

    I do not have cash to add, if you add up what I have into this, $650 is not a unfair asking price. Try to find a stock Police Mag in town. I would probably expect cash with most of the trades I listed. PM me or call me with questions. 503-869-0231
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    Is there a picture of this if it is still available? Happy Thanksgiving!

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