Remington 870 12ga

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    Deal must be done in Snohomish or King County. I'm not going to ship the gun to you and I'm not going to drive halfway across the state to meet.

    26" barrel, 2 3/4" and 3" shells, changeable choke (comes with modified choke). Not very many shells through it by the looks of it. No rust, dings, dents on the metal, but the stock does have some wear (pics make it look worse than it actually is). Cycles very smoothly like most other 870s out there.

    $325 would take it away from me
    Also looking to trade. Interested in .22lr rifles (especially takedown models) and pistols, SKS, maybe other milsurp guns, lever guns, bolt guns in .223, .308, .30-06, possibly another shotgun (a Russian or other cheap O/U, shorter-barreled 12ga w/full stock, or a 20ga bird gun). Open to all firearm offers. Handguns in 9mm, .45acp, or .38spl/.357mag. Looking to do a fairly straight trade, so please nothing too high end. Will take partial trades.



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    So this is an Express Magnum?
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    My first time posting so bare with me if I flub.
    I'll offer to trade a Mossburg 500 12 guage, 3" with both a 18 1/2" riot barrel & a 28" vent rib barrel.
    Full length orignial wood stocks. Older gun with the desireable steel safety slide instead of plastic.
    My interest in a trade is that steel shot has opened up the fixed choke to much for my waterfowling needs.
    Off season it gets short barrel & lays under bed with 5 buckshot in tube.
    If interested I can add $ or something else since yours likely has a higher price point. I'm in Skagit Co. & can meet in Snohomish.
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