3-inch chamber cylinder bore, rifle-sight 19.5" barrel, no provision for chokes.
Unmodified short magazine tube, either 4 or 5 shot.
Comes with standard no-frills pressed checkering factory wood stock & Hogue Tamer rubber pistol grip and rubber fore-end.

$250 is what I have into it, and is what I will take for it. I bought it used, cleaned it, and put it away. I have not fired this shotgun. I was going to do a Mesa Tactical pistol-grip conversion on it, but decided to stick with my Mossberg 590.

I will cover the mandated transfer fee at a local FFL such as I-5 Guns.

7.62x39mm / Wolf, Red Army, or Tula, Soft point, FMJ or HP
.223 Range ammo like American Eagle or Wolf / Tula
5.56mm M855 or M193....... maybe unique rounds such as TAP, GMX or Gold Dot steel case. Mil-spec stuff such as SA or German Hirtenburger / MEN, or commercial hunting loads
Defensive 9mm / Gold Dot, HST, Corbon
Defensive 10mm/ Buffalo Bore, Underwood, Double Tap, Corbon Hunter, or Federal Trophy Bonded 180 grain JSP


Trade / partial trade towards firearms of equal value. I will add cash on my end for higher valued items. I do want a semiauto 12 gauge, a Mega MaTen lower receiver, or a decent scope for a .308 rifle. (Leopold, Vortex)

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