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I’m selling my Remington model 700 sps in
22-250. It has a Nikon pro staff 4-12x40 scope and a Caldwell bipod. Only blemish is some scratches on the bottom of the stock and a small Knick in the finish of the under side of the receiver. Other than that it’s like new and has a beautiful trigger pull and as smooth a bolt action as you could possibly get. I got her to do some long range shooting and wound up getting a second 700 in 22-250 in trade right afterwards and as that one is stainless with a custom stock and trigger and they’re otherwise identical, it won out but not by much. Anyway I don’t really need 2 so I’m listing this one. I’ve only shot it once but the recoil feels like a 22 even though it’s reaching speeds of around 3800 fps. Really nice set up.

I’m asking $1250 obo and I would consider trade or partial trade for a lever action in 45lc or 44 magnum, a high powered scope (4-14 or higher) preferably a Leupold or vortex, a kimber 1911 full-size or a 629-4 or earlier S&W classic or dx model or an early model 29, a model 17 S&W, a fox or stevens double barrel and 45 lc or 454 casull ammunition. May consider other trades as well. Not looking for tactical style guns or gear. Thanks for looking 😀

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