Remington 1903A3 Excellent Condition

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    WTS - Excellent condition w/ mirror bore. Can email photos, no problem. Very nice rifle. $500 OBO Thanks -ESB

    Serial # is: 412XXXX Barrel markings are: "RA (flaming bomb) 12-43" It went through a post war inspection/rebuild at Ogden Arsenal ("OG" stamp on stock) so it has a parked bolt body instead of blued. All Remington marked except for bolt body, which is marked: 88 (made by the Acros Company (?) which was a subcontractor). Parking on bolt face is still perfect, so shot very little (I've only put about twenty rounds of M2 ball through it) since government rebuild. Has a nice repro sling (tan), and a spare parts kit (trigger and sear, firing pin, spring, extractor, etc. - all USGI).

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