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Reminder - If You're in Oregon, You Can Give $50 Free to the Cause

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by raindog, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. raindog

    raindog Portland, OR Active Member

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    I ran into someone today who was unaware of the Oregon political tax credit...figured I would mention it here for those unaware.

    In a nutshell - give $50 for any political purpose, and you get $50 back on your taxes. It's a straight rebate. Your tax refund increases by $50 (or what you owe decreases by $50). Married couples can give $100.

    Oregon Tax Credit

    Personally, I write a check to the Oregon Firearms Federation in December every year...and a couple months later, I get $50 of it back from Salem. Unless you're using your $50 for some other purpose you feel is more important, there's really no reason for Oregon gun owners not to do the same.
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  2. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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    I wasn't aware of this!!!!
  3. PDXSparky

    PDXSparky Keizer / Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    Yup, have been doing this credit for years. I use it to support candidates who are labor friendly.
  4. RB87

    RB87 Oregon Active Member

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    I enjoy the various political groups who put out radio ads for this every so often around tax time, effectively begging for donations. I loathe this practice, its stealing tax money from the state treasury all while the gov cries about not getting enough money and thus raises taxes. All to make income taxes more palatable to the taxpayer and ensure that the various charities and special interest groups still get some donations.
  5. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    You could call it stealing tax money, or you could call it a "directed donation" of your taxes. When I look at the dumbass budgets coming out of Salem, I know for certain that 1) I can make more intelligent spending choices, and 2) no amount of money they collect is ever going to be "enough" for any government.

    BAMCIS Eugene Well-Known Member

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    The wife and I took advantage of this and had the state "give" $100.00 to the Oregon Republican Party. I included a note with the check that if we start getting calls or are put on some mailing list then they will never see another dime from us again. So far so good.