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Looking into purchasing a remington 700 sps .308 tactical with Hogue stock. I was wondering if there was a way to modify this rifle in order to have a removable magazine. Any help would be appreciated. I'm more of an assault rifle and pistol guy so I'm trying to round out my small arsenal with a long gun, which is new territory to me.
I've considered buying this one, for the same rifle.

Mags are expensive. HS Precision makes the same bottom metal setup. Accuracy Int makes it too.

SURGEON RIFLES : BOTTOM METAL WITH DETACHABLE MAGAZINE - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools

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That was a bit more $$ than expected. May be worth it to have more than 4 rounds available at once though. I've done minor gun work, I.e. converting a saiga 12, polishing internals.... would I be out of my league attempting that convertion?
You might look up Kwik Clip. Cabelas sells them, they come with a 3-4 round mag (depending on your caliber) and you can purchuse extra 10 round mags. They are designed to replace the hinged floor plate 700's, but I just cut the bottom of my stock with a Dremel, shaved some spots out, and now it looks ALMOST like it's supposed to be like that. At least for my rifle, it changed how easy it was to access the bolt release in the trigger gaurd. The Kwik Clip is thicker metal, so it's just a bit harder to get to. Other than that, it works great.
Kwik Clips are great but, they only make the long action right now. I have talked with them, and they are working on the short action version. Have installed 20+ and have not had a problem. Get the 10 rd mag- It makes target shooting better.

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