WTS OR Rem M870 w/7 rnd mag. (+1); slug barrel/rifle sights $350

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    For Sale: Lightly used Remington Model 870 12 ga. pump. Remington composite stock/forearm/Super Cell recoil pad. Magazine extension (purchased from Cabela's) adds 2 rounds for 7+1 capacity. Barrel is Remington factory smooth bore slug barrel (cylinder bore, NO choke) with fully adjustable sights. Shoots fine at reasonable range with heavy buck shot or slugs. Barrel and receiver both capable of chambering 3 inch shells.

    Located in Eugene, can meet with you anywhere in the south valley area. As I understand it, we have until Aug. 8th to do this without meeting at a dealer...

    Shown in first photo is the original magazine cap, insert and spring. This magazine required no modification to install the extension, so you could return it to factory configuration just by unscrewing the extension and replacing the original parts.

    PM please, and I will send you phone number etc. for person to person conversation...

    Rem 1.jpg Rem 1.jpg Rem 2.jpg Rem 3.jpg Rem 5.jpg
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