WTS WA Rem 870 Tactical Breaching Choke

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    Built this as my home defense gun while living in an apartment. Never needed to use it for that but it's eaten up slugs, 00, #4, bird shot and bean bags.

    12 gauge with Rem Choke for breaching (never tested) or to scare anti-gun clowns. Ghost Ring sights, Picatinny mount and 6+1 magazine capacity. Has some light scuffs on the barrel and Picatinny has recoil dents from an Eotech previously mounted on it. Holes in the receiver are factory tapped in case you wish to replace it.

    Upgrades include:
    - Surefire 618LMG LED Forend
    - Blackhawk Spec Ops Knoxx NON-Recoil Reducing Stock (NRS)... this is the one that WON'T slap you in the cheek. Includes the cheek riser and Blackhawk forend (throw it on another 870)

    Other items:
    - Trigger Lock
    - Cable Lock
    - Basic Sling
    - Original synthetic stock and hardware that came with the gun
    - 200 Rounds #4 buck with Cabelas dry box
    WTS WA - $60 200 Rds 12 Gauge #4 Buck w/ Cabela's Drybox (ammo can)

    $600, Buyer pays transfer (the dang Surefire cost me more than this). Would prefer meeting at Lynnwood Guns but will ship if buyer covers the costs.

    Also up for trades for Tree cutting/climbing gear: Stihl MS 261C or other pro models, harness for 32 waist, gaffs/spikes, flipline, chainsaw chaps/overalls, hardhat/helmet... on that note, a black high cut ballistic helmet and/or Sordin Ear Pro. 20190127_115541.jpg 20190121_150635.jpg 20160831_205604.jpg 20160831_205849.jpg 20160831_205507.jpg 20160831_205705.jpg 20160831_205759.jpg 20160831_205819.jpg 20181121_104713.jpg 20181121_105137.jpg 20190127_115541.jpg 20190121_150620.jpg
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