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    Have a collection of parts for 870 remingtons, most of these parts are unused for a 12 gauge. I no longer have an 870 so, no need to hang onto them. Now individually pricedb] These are mostly 80's & 90's vintage wingmaster parts. If you think these prices are high shoot me an offer after you check with remington and Trade offers are welcome, all that comes to mind are factory magazines for a ruger P89 9mm, or, an FNP .45 USG, or a sig 229 (no 10 rounders please). Feel free to offer any other gun related trades though. Still $150 for the entire lot, or pick up what you need! .

    The List
    1 Trigger Plate Assembly (metal) new (a few minor storage marks but still a great gloss finish) $ 75

    1 Bolt Assembly new(chrome w/firing pin spring, extractor, everything, just drop in and go) $75

    2 Carrier assemblies (lifters) one may be used not sure, still excellent 1 chrome 1 black $25 get you both

    1 Extended Magazine Tube Clamp new (new, these came with the factory extended tube, not chinese junk) $15

    1 Trigger Plate Pin, large new fits all 870 & 1100 models $5

    1 hammer new $5

    1 trigger new $5

    2 extractors 2 extractor plungers 1 extractor spring all new (all five pieces) $20

    2 Magazine caps one with swivel stud (police model caps I think, old type for use with the older style barrel ) w/o stud $10, with stud $15

    2 fore end tube nuts one used both for $10

    2 magazine spring retainers, metal older type, one used both for $10

    flat rate shipping from the post office $10 on all or part, covers my gas, time, postage. Or you can meet me at cabela's almost any time.

    the obligatory photos
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