Rem 700 Ti Stock Mtn Contour

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    Remington LA mountain rifle TI stock that was converted to a BDL. Standard LOP
    Weight: 1 Lb 9oz.
    $175 shipped or local FTF $165
    The stock has been bedded (see pics)
    The barrel channel was opened a bit to free float. I'd say a sporter is a tight fit but with a little more work it would fit fine.
    The stock was converted to a BDL.
    The bottom metal was cut a a little too deep during the conversion so a shim was epoxied in place and problem solved.
    I did drop a standard sporter rifle in it and the bottom metal fit fine. Only issue as I said was that a person would probably want to open the barrel channel a bit more for a sporter otherwise a mountain contour will sit great.

    See link for additional pics:
    TiStock-1.jpg photo by launchinrounds | Photobucket


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