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    While search around the net for a nice spreadsheet for load data (to lazy to make my own) I came across some pretty nice FREE software. Some of it is a bit of an overkill, but this guy has so much information in this it was worth loading. It has Load Data that you can add your own to, Inventory, Reference for Bullets, Dimensions, Powder and Shellholders, Firearms Manuals in PDF from A-Z and a complete range of targets to print from Animals/Fun, Bullseye, Inch Grids and Competition.

    It runs on MS Access but if you dont have it, the software loads what is needed to run. You can download for free at the links below. He has broken it down into each section and you load each database after the main program is loaded.

    Reloaders' Reference

    Reloaders' Reference - Browse /Reloaders_ Reference/9.3x74r - Final at

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