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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Texan, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Saw the other post about building a reloading bench and I am also getting into reloading. I am wondering what you have done to make reloading go smoother. I see some of the suggestions of mounting the press to 3/4" plywood, what are some other suggestions/ideas? I don't have space for a dedicated reloading bench, but would like the best possible set up.

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    Depends on area you do have as far as stowability. I would suggest mounting press on 2" butcher block type stock if not able to leave out, this could be clamped to table for use. Purchase adequate sized tupperware (clear) type containers that can be stacked for storage of brass, bullets etc. I have a reloading table with storage beneath but it is not over 2' wide. but I have plastic trays mounted on wall for misc. and a small bookcase for storage of brass,bullets etc. My whole reloading area fits into about a 5' square area and works fine. I could have a much bigger area but that just causes too much extra work to keep clean. The only reason you would need a bigger area is to clean/prep brass or to run a major progressive type system. I just simply clean/prep brass in my shop rather than have all that in the house.
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    I have started doing my brass prep/prime in the evenings. I can sit with a cookie sheet in my lap watching TV and clean primer pockets/necks, sort brass by length/need to trim or not, chamfer necks, and mic/inspect as necessary.
    Then I prime with a hand priming tool and put the fully prepped brass into freezer bags of 100 with a desiccant pack and they're ready to go when it's time to dump powder and seat bullets.

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