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    A friend passed away leaving this reloading equipment.
    Most of it has never been used, everything is in excellent condition.
    I will list, separately, the remaining guns - 2-Black Powder 50 caliber Plains Pistols
    & a 50 caliber Dixie Arms Tennessee Mountain Rifle (left handed)

    Photos available.

    *My preference would be to sell it all together as I've no use for it.
    I would consider some trades but my wants are specific to car parts
    (80's VW Cabriolet; '67 El Camino; OR wood pasture fencing)

    $500.00 for everything listed, below.

    RCBS -
    Powder Measuring Stand
    Kinetic Bullet Puller
    Uniflow Powder Measure
    Powder Trickler
    Primer Pocket Brush #09574
    Deburring Tool #09349
    Primer Tray

    LYMAN -
    T-Mag set #7040781
    Universal Case Trimmer #7842009
    Case Lube Kit #7631300
    Auto Primer Feed #7807490
    Universal Trimmer Pilot #45, #23, #2
    Primer Pocket Reamer #7777784
    Shell Holders #2, #13, #17, #26

    Reloading Dies for:
    Lyman 9 MM Luger #7601206
    Lee 45-70

    Scale Weight Ck Set #7752313

    Work Bench #7040025

    Turbo Tumbler #761305 (# maybe be incorrect)

    Turbo Sifter #7631321

    BUTLER CREEK - Lightning Loader

    RANGEMATIC - Distance Finder

    HOPPER - Bench Rest #3000

    LEE - Chamfers Tool #90109

    MTM - Case-Gard 150 Loading Tray

    Speer - 4 boxes of 50-45 Caliber Bullets

    3 - Rifle Cleaning Rods
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