reloading dies and components and some reloaded ammo

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    Selling my lee 4 die carbide 40sw dies. They are rusted on the outside but work great. 20 dollars
    also selling 450 40sw rounds that I have reloaded. They are 180 grain lead Badman Bullets truncated cone flat nose. 4.5 grains of w231 in them with winchester primers. 80 dollars( just lookin to get my money back from cost of bullets, powder and primers and brass)

    Sold 2k+ mixed headstamp range pickup 40sw brass, some nickel plate, mostly brass 50 dollars

    Sold lee 380 acp carbide die set (missing the powder die, has sizer/deprime die, seating die, and factory crimp die) 20 dollars

    500+ 380 acp brass, mixed headstamp, range pickups 20 dollars obo

    250 380acp 95 grain round nose lead bullets, manufactured by badman bullets.
    20 dollars

    Pm me if interested.

    Trades. 223 reloading stuff and 45 and 9mm bullets(plated bullets preferably)
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