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Time to thin some of this stuff out. I'll ship on your dime. Small flat rate box is about 5 bux.


RCBS 22-250 dies no box $16
RCBS 30-06 dies Vintage box $16

RCBS 270 dies Vintage box $16

RCBS 308 Small Base dies $20 These dies size the cartridge base slightly smaller to help feed in Semi-Auto's.

Herters 243 dies $13

Bullets and Brass

Sierra .270 90 gr HP Open box of either 99 or 100 in it, depends on which time I counted them...:D $15

Nosler .270 130 gr Ballistic tip. open box of 50, $15

Also have 50 pcs NEW Remington 270 brass $20


Lee Loader set for 12ga 2-3/4 shells. $10

Open to offers and to trades!
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