reloading .223 for AR15

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Kooter, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I'm going to bi-mart tomorrow to get the rest of the stuff I need. This is waht I'm thinking about getting.

    Bullets - Hornady 55gr. FMJ-BT W/C or a cheaper comparable one.
    Powder - H335 or Varget.
    Primers - CCI 400 or #41.

    Anyone have any different suggestions on what you do?

  2. deadshot2

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    There's nothing wrong with the Hornady 55g FMJ-BT if you can find any. Winchester "bulk" (bags of 100) 55gr FMJ-BT's are good too and used to be cheaper.

    Of the powders you listed I'd go with the H335. No need to use varget unless going heavier on the bullets and the H335 is easier to dispense from almost any powder measure. No "crunching" with the H335 like happens unless you use a drop tube or vibrator to settle varget.

    For primers I'd just go with standard Small Rifle Primers. Unless you have a Full Auto, don't bother with the "41's". They are way too expensive. If you insist on a "slam fire preventing" primer, get the Tula .223 primers. I buy them for almost half the price of the CCI #41 and they perform just as well.

    Since you asked for suggestions I'd offer this one. Take a look at what you plan on shooting for the next year or so. Make a single order of Primers and Powder from Powder Valley. Then order a case of bullets from Montana Gold who's bullets are a "clone" of the hornady 55gr FMJ-BT's. If you buy two boxes of the Tula Primers, the savings over the CCI #41's will offset the cost of the hazmat fee. Then consider the savings on powder at about $7/lb and you'll save even more. Best part is that Powder valley still has stock on both primers and powder, for now anyway.

    Anyway, just a suggestion.

    If you can't find any powder that is in the popular use group for .223, consider CFE223. It's new on the market and not a lot of people have "discovered" it yet. 27grains under a 55 gr bullet works great and the Copper "erasing" claims are pretty much valid. No fouling like before in any of my AR's.
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    That's precisely what I use (with Varget), and it performs well. I'd use a powder that's easier to meter, but I use Varget for other purposes nd like keeping the number of powders I use to a minimum.

    With Varget, I can also load for the superb Sierra 77g SMK. That may be the case with other powders, too, but I know for sure it's true with Varget.

    +1 on the idea of buying big quantities if you can.
  4. bmgm37

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    I have used either AA2230 or Winchester 748 for my loads for over 20 years now for my blasting/plinking amms with std small rifle primers and 55gr FMJ
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    Cheap bullets usually give up a lot in accuracy, but with an AR you might not be overly worried about pin point accuracy and want to save money. I've been using MidSouth bullets that I hear are made by Nosler (Internet I do not say this with any conviction) and they are very accurate for a bullet that sells for about $45 per five hundred.

    If you plan to throw charges go with H335 powder. If you plan to weigh, I would lean toward Varget because it works well with the lighter and heavier bullets. It is also very versitile...I use it in .223, .22-250, 6BR, .308 and .30-06.

    CCI400 primers have thin cups. I've pierce several of them in the last few years. I would suggest a thicker cup with the AR, like the Rem 7 1/2.
  6. giddyupgo55

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    Good luck finding what you need. Everything is selling out fast.

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