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    As some of you noticed, this morning’s email about Yamhill County had the wrong date on it. Thank you to those who pointed that out, we have corrected it on the website.

    Today the House Rules Committee adopted amendments to SB 315 and sent it to the House Floor for a vote.

    315 started life as a bill that would allow gun stores and pawn shops to forward their registration records of used guns to the police electronically rather than by hand delivery or regular mail.

    Since all used gun sales by dealers must be registered with the police and all “private” sales of guns will soon have to go through gun dealers, universal gun registration is about to become the law.

    However, the bill was gut and stuffed by House Rep Brian Clem and it no longer has anything to do with electronic records.

    Now the bill adds even more ambiguity to the registration bill, SB 941.

    Clem demanded some “concessions” when he agreed to vote for the registration bill and the newly amended SB 315 is what he got.

    We told you about this bill in the past. With the amendments adopted today, you will no longer face criminal charges if you lend a gun to another person (after having conducted a background check) and someone else commits a crime with it. That’s certainly an improvement, but the bill still creates more problems than it solves.

    For example, while you will now be able to lend a gun to someone you “know” for seven days, (you still need to do a background check, you just don’t have to do it at a gun store) there is nothing in the bill that discusses what happens if the gun is not returned in 7 days.

    There is nothing in the law that discusses whether returning the gun requires another background check. In short, this bill simply adds confusion to the mess created by SB 941.

    The bill passed out of committee on a straight party line vote with all Democrats voting yes and all Republicans voting no.

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