Registered for the Service Rifle Class and Shoot at Douglas Ridge in December.

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by kibs45, Jul 2, 2012.

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    I have never shot in any kind of formal environment before. I am super excited, but have literally no idea what to expect. Any thoughts? Anything I should know, or practice ahead of time? I am mostly going for the fun of it and exposure, but I always like to put a best foot forward as well. Thanks for the input!
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    Dry firing never hurts. Do some in every position before you get there and make sure to take all the equipment you have, so you won't be without a crucial piece when you get there.
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    I used to shoot small bore rifle competition where the 10 ring is the same size as a .22 cal bullet hole, and you'd better shoot at least an 85 standing and a 99 prone or just go home. One thing I found that helps a lot is quit smoking and lay off of caffeine for at least 24 hours before a match. Also, when you assume a position for firing, put your rifle up with your eyes closed and then open them to see where your body is pointing. Then move your feet/butt/knee to align the sights with the target. If you correct for a misaligned basic position with your torso you put your muscles under stress, which induces instability.
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    Go out in the garage and work out your natural point of aim for each position and your sling settings. Work out where you're going to set you magazines, scope, ammunition, magazines, etc. This will save you a bunch of time trying to get it right during prep time. If you know what your basic angles and sling settings are beforehand you can setup and only have to make minor adjustments during prep time. This will take a lot of stress off of those first shots in the string. Remember to breath between shots during rapid fire. Dry fire a bunch to work on trigger control. Practice at the range. Watch your muzzle, it is stupid easy to sweep the line while you're prepping. Most of all - have fun. You'll get all the help you need at the match and there is no reason to stress out an not enjoy yourself.
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    These matches are DRRC are very low key, with an emphasis on helping new folks and having a good time. The class will focus on safety, what to bring, and handling and loading the M1. In December you won't have to worry about operating targets in a pit, since it is shot on the 100 Yard Range. The Club will have mats and scopes available to use, or you can bring your own. You'll want a shooting glove, or a heavy leather glove for your support hand. If you don't a shooting jacket, wear a sweatshirt. Wear sturdy boots, for the offhand position, and for walking to the targets in December weather. Arrive early, and be prepared to pitch in to help move benches and put up targets. Bring something to hold your ammo; the Club doesn't have enough blocks to loan to everyone. At the end, help put everything back into place and then hang around the Clubhouse while scores are tallied. Commiserate with the other shooters about your mistakes, and applaud the efforts of each participant when the scores are read. Have fun.
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    If you want a leg up before you get there check out an Appleseed shoot. Sounds very similar and you learn with a .22 so you don't have recoil concerns or high ammo costs. Project Appleseed Home
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    YEAh what Mr. Joe said.
    Great match to start learning from. Very low key match. GREAT folks to shoot with. Highly recommended.

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