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Regal Cinemas Ban guns from theater

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by kasstew777, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. kasstew777

    kasstew777 Vancouver New Member

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    I just sent this in to Regal Cinemas:

    I am sorry to inform you we can no longer patronize an organization that asks its customers to give up their rights per the constitution of the United States. We recently saw a no handgun sign period (even concealed as legal) on your window of your theatres. As a law abiding citizen with rights enforced by the supreme court we are granted to carry concealed in the state of Washington. I would like to know why you do this as it makes no sense what so ever! Do you think criminals are going to walk back to their cars because of that sign? Only law abiding citizens would. You need to go to gunfacts.info and read the truth about handguns. Until you reverse this unjust ban in your theatres I am compelled to notify the organizations I know of that care about this issue, to spread the word of your discrimination and encourage them to visit other establishments.

    Please also drop them an email. I get so mad seeing companies do this for no reason whatsoever! This blows cause I like movies!
  2. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I carry in the one here all the time Concealed lol.. Ooooops
  3. ORBrit

    ORBrit Eugene Member

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    As with any other posted no weapons private establishment...

    ..don't ask don't tell...
  4. nwo

    nwo Southern Oregon Well-Known Member

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    That is really messed up to be sure, but you can still carry in there. Concealed means Concealed!

    I do understand about not patronizing the business anymore though. Places like that need to learn what is RIGHT, and not be sheep in a herd.
  5. dirtysteve

    dirtysteve Lincoln City, OR Member

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    I will just to spite them! And then maybe open carry on the way out? HA HA... Do they have the right to do that? It is a public place right? I dont know too much about their private property rights. Would that hold up in court and what would be the charge?
  6. KENOC

    KENOC Portland area Member

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    You can do that but if they ask you to leave, you have to or you can be charged with trespassing. Best to just ignore the sign and carry concealed.
  7. Weebs

    Weebs Clackamas County Member

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    I will oblige them and not carry my handgun with me at their establishment by refusing to go to regal cinemas ever again.
  8. sbryson21

    sbryson21 Nampa, ID Member

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    Wow I'm with you kasstew (no rhyme intended :)). I'm not going to do business with them now either and I like your Idea of sending them a message to tell them why. This stuff just really irks me, like the companies that have the "don't say Merry Christmas" BS. These companies need to be hit where it hurts, in their bottom line, so they'll straighten out otherwise the stupidity will continue to run rampant in this country (maybe too late?).
  9. huntpotter

    huntpotter SW WA Negotiator Bronze Supporter

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    Jeez, I haven't been to Regal Cinemas for a long time. I usually just watch dvd at home. But we'll see, I definitely won't go now. Hollywood commie politics enforced through the theater. Even better reason to watch dvd at home. What theater was that, kasstew777?
    Was it Hazel Dell, or What?
  10. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    They do have the right as private property owners to ask that we don't carry. All they can do is ask you to leave. The best thing to do is as the OP suggested send them a letter informing them you will no longer spend money at there establishment and that you will inform the rest of the local gun rights crowd to do the same.

    Sure you can get away with concealed carry there, I just did a couple days ago (Sherlock Holmes) but it won't matter to them as they won't know. We as a group need to inform them that we will not do business with companies that take away our rights to self defense.
  11. timbernet

    timbernet Boring, Oregon Member

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    I haven't been to a theater in years.... they charge way too much to walk on sticky floors and sit next to noisy kids and couples talking throughout the show...

    ... that said, I might still write them a letter :) Can't hurt...
  12. Outrider

    Outrider Oregon Active Member

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    I agree. If we want them to respect our rights, we need to respect theirs. I respect their right to control access to their private property and what people can do on their property. By the same token I am free to withhold my money from them if their rules annoy me. -Let's see them tell us we can't come with a legally concealed pistol when they realize they have a tremendous drop off in attendance and revenue.

    Going with the pistol concealed and ignoring their rule allows them to continue to earn your business in spite of them not respecting your rights. That paves the way for other establishments to post the same signs until every place has it. -The rule is probably driven by the insurance companies to avoid liability and the last thing I want is for every place to have these signs so the permit becomes worthless as a practical matter.

    At this point, it's cheaper to buy DVD's than to go to the movies.
  13. Bello425

    Bello425 Vancouver Well-Known Member 2016 Volunteer

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    Damn, I was just at the 164th Regal Cinemas this weekend. I didn't see the signs, maybe because I was having a fit at the price I was paying for 3 movies tickets.
  14. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    LOL... I just saw Avatar in the Wilsonville threater... never saw a sign posted (but I don't look either)... armed to the teeth and safe and sound, and no bullet holes in the walls either... but BELIEVE me when I say, I'm the guy they WANT to have a gun on the inside if some thugs were to start making a rukus...
  15. 2Z4

    2Z4 Milwaukie Active Member

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    And that brings up another point - when you pay those prices, you are supporting big Hollywood, most of whom are anti-gun. I have an aversion to going to the movies anymore because I don't feel like supporting their social agenda, including their anti-gun stance. There are a few exceptions, but you really have to work at it to find them.
  16. hondakilla98

    hondakilla98 beaverton, or Active Member

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    From what i've been told, It must be posted on every door(including service doors and emergency exits) that you may not carry in the establishment. If it's not on every door, it doesn't count. Because then you just say you didn't see a sign because you came in the door without.

    I went to a regal theatre in hillsboro two weeks ago and didn't see any signs saying no concealed carry. I'm assuming they are francised like McDonalds, and maybe the OP went to one that was owned by a gun hating liberal?
  17. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    Gee, you didn't see any signs and besides, you lost all of your guns in a tragic boating accident. This world just isn't fair, is it?
  18. raftman

    raftman Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I've been to a number of Regal Cinemas and have never seen signs, and I have looked at times. It may be the policy of whoever is in charge of that particular location that chooses to institute that sort of policy.
  19. Squigz

    Squigz Portland Member

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    Well this blows to hear bout Regal Cinemas, I just got some movie tickets for Christmas and it looks like I will be giving them to someone else. I will no longer give them my money as well.
  20. Spad

    Spad Kennewick,WA, the desert side Active Member

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    Regal theaters, another "terrorist welcome" zone. Spad