WTS OR Redding Titanium Carbide 38/357 Set - New

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    I bought this set new and its never even been out of the box. Manufacturer's Part No. 88282. Asking $85. I'll ship if you want and you pay the cost. For another $10, I'll add a brand new Lee Powder Through 38spl Expander die.


    Titanium carbide differs considerably from other carbides, and is the ideal material for resizing cartridge cases. Titanium carbide has the highest hardness of any readily available carbide. The difference is in the microstructure. Viewed under a microscope it appears smooth and rounded, which presents a slippery non-galling surface, ideal for lubeless resizing of cartridges. The Redding conventional three (3) die set includes the titanium carbide sizing die, expander die and bullet seating die with built-in crimp. This set should be used in a single-stage or turret press.

    redding dies.jpg

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